Oops Craigslist!

After a fantastic weekend at quilt retreat sewing on my vintage 301a I couldn't resist a traul on Craigslist Sunday night after my husband left for a 2 week trip to Peru. Of course that was a bad idea and of course there was a green Singer available, they are my Kryptonite!

So I met a man in a pharmacy car park to buy this 319w for $90, she has a box like the 301a all her parts and the manual, but boy was she in need of a clean and oil!!! It took hours to get her gleaming like this! She sews a great straight stitch now but I haven't been able to get the decorative stitches to work. If hubby can'f fix that the cams fit my friend Tami's 306 that had no cams with it when it was bought, so at least we can get one of them to sew decorative stitches LOL. But I sew mainly straight stitch so I am still really happy with her.

But of course sewing machine maintenance is becoming it's own hobby in my apartment, this was my kitchen table yesterday! I even started my own tool kit especially for sewing machines, I'm sick of borrowing hubby's heavy one that has lots of useless man tools in it.

I also pulled apart the motor on my featherweight to clean it; in the hope that it would run a little faster, but alas it is still a featherweight, they are not speedy machines. At least I know she has had a motor clean and is running at her optimum.