The inspiration shelf

I was at Ikea this week and decided to buy some of these:

For $1.49 each I thought they'd make great mini bolts.

I decided to wrap quilt bundles of fabric around them in sets, ready to make quilts when I find the time!

So here is the first quilt kit bolt ready to inspire me on a shelf above my ironing board.

Bolt two is another Christmas quilt, maybe it'll get done by next Christmas LOL!

So this shelf will contain up to 20 quilt kits of coordinated fabrics ready to cut and sew when I have the time. It's great inspiration to get organized, so I can move on to this shelf of fun.

So here it is a little later in the day:

20 quilt tops worth of inspiration ready to cut and sew. So much pretty fabric!


  1. how did we manage before ikea! a very good idea. afraid ikea has let me don on the last visit as I wanted the worktop ironing board none there and when they checked on the computer it said there was a problem with manufacture will keep checking and maybe one day they will get them back in stock

  2. Love this thrifty...but very handy idea Marianne! Thanks for sharing!


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