Vintage Fabric Fun

I have tons of vintage fabric, I buy it in thrift stores with the intention of making things to go in my antique mall booth. It is sooo handy sometimes. Like recently I made a mattress for a vintage doll bed and I used vintage fabric to cover it so that it seemed more authentic to the toy's original era.

This week I decided to try covering this ugly old stained ottoman we had:

That is my messy pile of vintage fabrics in the background!

And of course I used a very vivid floral stretch fabric for a couple of reasons; the stretch fabric isn't of any use in quilting, so I need to find other uses for it and also I wanted a unique and vibrant piece rather than the dull ordinary one I had before. So here it is:


  1. Totally Pretty! Just right to brighten things up during the winter, and it'll look great the rest of the year.

  2. What a Great Re-Do! Plus I love the fabric you choose!

  3. Great job Marianne!! I would have never thought of using stretch fabric for that!

  4. What a great transformation


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