A new beauty...

I bought this little gem a few weeks ago:

It is a Singer 301 which is a terrific lightweight sewing machine not much heavier than a featherweight. I already had a beige and white one that is my favorite portable machine and I had been on the lookout for an affordable black one for ages! It is gear driven so it runs extremely well. I found this in an antique mall in Cheyenne Wyoming. At the time it wasn't running well so I reconditioned the motor and she runs like a beauty now!

My everyday Juki sewing machine needs her annual servicing so I think I'll use this machine whilst Juki is in the shop!


  1. You are one of the luckiest people I know at finding good deals! She's a real beauty!

  2. How many machines do you have now?

    1. I haven't counted recently but it's about 20 Rhonda


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