Meditative Quilting

I have been struggling with migraines for most of the last month and so this morning I was determined to organize my Ipod (that I haven't used in well over 2 yrs). I wanted to put some guided meditation MP3 files onto the Ipod so I can meditate under the shade of a tree in a relaxing place somewhere later today.

But of course finding quality meditation MP3 files to download isn't easy, in fact it is quite time consuming because I needed to listen to them before I put them on my Ipod. Whilst I did that I designed a couple of quilts:

I found just the soothing voice and background music whilst I designed quilts was a great way to calm my mind!!

So if you want to try listening to some meditative files whilst sewing, designing or anything else try some of these:  (My favorite! I have had this file on my MP3 player for about 10 years and whenever I am struggling with stress or migraines I find it soothing)

Happy sewing.

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