A long overdue tidy up!

As regular followers of my blog will know I haven't sewn much lately, I've focused more on pattern design. This is why:

My sewing room has been an absolute abomination!!!! Can't see the top of my cutting table, can barely even get to the cutting table because the floor is covered! And this is my sewing machine table:

My Juki machine is in for servicing and that left me more space to dump!

So today I tackled that mess and it took me 5 hours and 20 mins!

This is my sewing machine table, with a quilt ready to bind:

This picture shows the room from the doorway and... I have even vacuumed the floor, That sewing machine in case is out on the floor because it is going to retreat with me on Thursday and that white scrap basket still needs to be emptied and folded away:

I still have a massive ironing pile to do before the top of my ironing board will be visible again:

But the only things on my cutting table at the moment are things I have prioritized to do in the very near future, like bindings, buttons to sew on a jacket and things to finish packing ready for the CRQC quilt retreat this weekend:

These Tupperware containers are full of things for a few craft projects that I want to do to sell in my antique store booth.

So my haven is beginning to feel welcoming again rather than overwhelming it is a wonderful feeling. It's a pity my dining room and kitchen didn't get organized and cleaned by the fairies whilst I was busy LOL. I better go tackle them now!

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