WIPs Languishing

Whilst my WIP and UFO pile languishes in it's various tubs and several piles scattered in various places:

My mind continues to come up with ideas for new projects! It is crazy, I have little enough time to sew lately you'd think I'd want to actually complete something.

My latest idea is to make a slightly simpler and scrappier one of these ottomans:

and a matching wall quilt and cushion for my sewing room. But like everything else it takes time and lately I haven't had much of that!

Do you have an endless list of projects you'd like to do? What is at the top of that list at the moment? Do you think you'll ever find the time? I'm not sure I will, but we'll see!


  1. I have 4 more large boxes to unpack that I feel I need to get unpacked and put away before I can consider any new projects.


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