A few little projects....

I am working on a few small projects intermittently atm.

This is a turquoise 4 patch quilt I am making as a throw quilt for my sewing room where I often meditate to relax and my Cockapoo Henry likes to relax on a quilt on my lap whilst I do it LOL:

I only have 3 done out of about 30 I'll make

 And I have used Wonder Under to fuse these EPP small hexagons onto a white background, this will become a mini quilt for my sewing room wall. The hexagons are about 1" across finished. I need to pull out my applique machine and set it up to do anymore on this one, so it is still at this stage:

I've still got 2 scrap quilts to bind, a jacket to sew buttons on and some other crafty bits and pieces to deal with, that are junking up the end of my cutting table! But I'm getting through them SLOWLY!

Last week whilst hubby was out of town we had a day that the Comcast internet and cable TV were down for 9+hrs. So what else was there for a quilter to do once she'd caught up on the housework, but sew! I chose to make the 6 blocks needed to complete this paper pieced lap quilt that I designed:

Now that I have pattern tested it I have added it to my Craftsy store: http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/quilting/other/diamonds-in-a-square/140345

So despite being in the 8th week of this chronic migraine I am getting a little bit done occasionally because the sewing room is my relaxing place.


  1. sorry to read the migrane is still hovering do hope it is soon over, cannot imagine having one for so long a day is more than enough. Some nice projects you have at the moment, such a variety enjoy your stitching and look forward to seeing them completed

  2. Great that you got another of your patterns tested and out on Craftsy! The mini quilt for your sewing room is looking to be really cute! I sure wish that they would hurry with your appointments and figure out what in the heck is causing your migraine! Glad you are relaxing and just enjoying your sewing.


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