I did about an hour of housework this morning then sat at my computer to check my email. But I am tired and still have a migraine (yes it's in it's 7th week and I am waiting for a neurology appointment) and didn't feel like going straight back to the housework... and it'll wait!

So as usual I was playing with quilt design software to relax, this is almost more fun than sewing! Here is this mornings block:

What I love about this is once you set the size of your quilt block you can put lines almost anywhere and create a repeating pattern just by setting the blocks. It's just fun to play with geometry!

Then you can change the colors to suit the quilt that you have designed:

See how the same busy two color quilt changed entirely just by accentuating certain designs within the pattern! This is sooooooo fun!


  1. your play certainly brings out the creativity in you very effective quilt pattern


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