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  Regular readers will know that I collect vintage sewing machines, the problem with that is... I live in a 1400 sq ft apartment! So storing the  machines when not in use is a problem, I certainly don't have room to display them all (I have 20 I think). But last week I had an awesome light bulb moment! I decided to buy bed risers for my bed and store the machines under my bed:

As you can see I fitted 8 machines under one side of my bed - awesome!
And yesterday I had a good day tidying up my abomination of a sewing room, the surface of the cutting table is visible again:

I have a son visiting from Australia next month so all the junk from the spare room is temporarily in the center of my sewing room though:

But I have made some slow progress lately, I finally hand appliqued my hexagons onto the white background for this mini quilt and decided on a binding fabric:

I began sewing handles and top hems on the pile of Green Bag Lady Project bags that I want finished by the end of next week, I did 13 yesterday:

And last week I used my serger to sew these jelly roll strips together because they were a bit frayed around the edges, I haven't trimmed it or pressed it yet though:

Hey presto a quick quilt top finish! My first in months
 But I still have two quilts on the cutting table to bind:

And I still spend far too much time in my sewing room procrastinating in Quilt Assistant and EQ7 software:

If you are on Pintrest check out my pattern design board: and if you ever want to try out one of my patterns just send me an email, I'm happy to share, I'll never have time to pattern test them all anyway!

So my neglected sewing room sometimes sees progress but it's very slow this year as I battle some health issues that are causing debilitating fatigue.

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