Sew Day!

It is going to be about 95 degrees here today and I am eager to get some tasks done so I declared a sew day all day! Here I am eager beaver at 7am ready to tackle the backlog of sewing!

Months ago I decided it is ridiculous that the  wall above my sewing machine and computer looks like this:

Yes that's right boring and ready for some color and creativity, so I decided that I would make some wall quilts to hang up there and here we are months later and it is still a naked wall! So task one this morning was to bind this mini quilt:

The binding is ready to hand stitch now which I will do at the next quilt club sit and sew day, yahoo almost there!
 Then I pressed this quick strip quilt top that I made last week, it'll have to wait until later in the year to be quilted because my sewing room is a little crowded at the moment for basting because my son arrives from Australia in less than 2 weeks so all the junk from the spare room is in my sewing room.

Then I moved on to bindings! I made this scrap quilt top at the January quilt retreat I attended and quilted it soon after so it has been sitting on my cutting table waiting to be bound for 5+ months. And considering I am only folding the backing to the front to machine bind it, it's crazy it has taken me this long!

So here it is all finished! I LOVE that feeling!

And I made it by the skin on my nose with brown thread, this is all that was left on the spool once I was finished!!

At the same retreat I made this blue one, which also got bound this morning:

I'm really not a fan of this one, too many dull fabrics but it did clear all the blue scrappy fat quarters out of my drawers.

So with these two done my cutting table is no longer covered in to-dos! Time to move on to those WIP tubs.

I also went to Joann yesterday to buy a thimble, something I have needed to do for months and of course some remnants found their way home with me too, I really DON'T NEED MORE FABRIC, but they were so cute and remnants were 50% off LOL

 Now to go choose a WIP to work on...

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