The big BOM reveal!

This year is quickly escaping our grasp and 2016 is drawing closer, so I have decided now is the time to reveal my completed 2015 Scrappy Adventures BOM quilt!

Here it is:

The quilt has been finished since October 10th 2014. These photographs were taken on December 31st 2014, so it has been a long wait for the big reveal! Although I did take it to my local quilt club for show and tell because I had to show someone!!

Ebony and Henry approve:

This is the final pattern diagram:

The blocks already released are available now for free download  from my download site (link at top of left sidebar) until the end of this year, after that time the pattern will only be for sale in my Craftsy store.


  1. so good to see the quilt at last!! you have been a tease not sharing till now it is a great quilt

  2. As long as Ebony and Henry approve, then how could I say anything except beautiful!!! That's my favorite picture!


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