BOM fun

This year (starting in September 2015) I am the block of the month coordinator for our quilt club. So obviously I designed a sampler BOM for the members to participate in.

Check it out here:

On Tuesday night I was helping a fellow club member Tammy to learn the paper piecing technique so she can participate and acquire a new skill. Here she is with her fabulous block 3

It is so much fun to see people sewing a pattern I have designed and using different fabrics to mine. I LOVE it! Another member is doing it with a black background and I have always wanted to see one of my samplers with a black background!!!!!

So if you want to join in you can download the patterns each month from the CRQC website link that is earlier in this post.


  1. some great blocks here, still struggling with paper piecing but will watch the links shared on the page for utube


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