My new design space!

As we settle into our new home I am getting used to using my new spaces. My sewing room used to be the home office as well so the pattern design happened in the sewing room but now we have two separate rooms to allow us (but mostly me) to be more organized :)

This is me pattern designing in our new home office:

I'm designing some simple paper pieced wall hangings to display in our home.

This is what the home office looks like:

There's still a bit of mess to organize  and we need a blind for the window but it'll come together eventually and it is already a nice relaxing usable space.


  1. What a great office! Plus I really like the block you have up on the computer however what really caught my eye was the x-rays in the window--I could just see a whole window with them hanging.

  2. you have certainly got organised quickly in your new home, hoping to see the sewing room soon, this office is great

  3. Looking so organized, but I wouldn't expect anything less!


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