Progress on my Adventurous Epic Sampler

About 2 months ago I decided to design an epic 100 block paper pieced modern sampler quilt in just 3 colors. 

I now have 70 blocks in my design, just 30 to go! This is a long term project for me so I'm just doing it whenever I feel like it. Yesterday I was waiting for my new bed frame to be delivered and I'm not yet sure how well I can hear the doorbell from the basement sewing room so I decided to focus on design because the computer is in the home office closer to the front door.

There are no rules with these blocks I just start drawing lines and see where the design process takes me. The overall design is just about variation of shape and contrast of colors. He is the EQ7 layout image:

It'll be soooo fun to get this quilt to the pattern testing phase maybe January I'll be ready for that, we'll see!


  1. this is certainly epic and I know you will soon have all 100 bocks designed

  2. Wow! Will we call this a Dear Marianne quilt? Such an interesting challenge to set for yourself.

    1. LOL yes Carole it has been an interesting challenge. Definitely the most enjoyable challenge I have set myself creatively for a while. I love the nickname Dear Marianne quilt :)

  3. I like the nickname too and agree with Carole, what a great challenge to set for yourself!


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