Space to sew... sort of

After 3 weeks in our new home I have the main floor of the house organized and even managed to get the basement bedroom organized before my son TJ arrived from Australia Wednesday night for a month long visit. So I am pretty ready for my hysterectomy Monday. That has been my main concern these past weeks just getting the house unpacked enough so that I can ignore it for the duration of the 8 to 12 week recovery period.

So the sewing room had to be my last priority because so much else was more important right now. But I did get my cutting table, desk and ironing board usable so that I can sew some paper pieced quilt blocks whilst I recover.

This is what it looks like at the moment:

The sewing machine wall is organized at least!

These Intermetro shelves from The Container Store are perfect for my spare machines! Strong and for $119 holds 13 machines

And I've cleared just enough of my cutting table to be able to use it:

That clear tub of fabric on my cutting space is for my current project the CRQC sampler BOM

So my son is here until November 30 and he'll be my focus for now. Then in December or January as soon as I am well enough hubby and I will get some Billy bookcases from Ikea to finally get my sewing room organized into a functional space. But for now I am happy that it is somewhat usable.


  1. first of all may I wish you all the best for your operation, I had it when I was 31, the onething that bothered me was th most terrible trapped wind, do have some peppermint essence in the house as that worked for me.

    Sewing room is getting sorted and glad you have some stitching to do whilst you recover, enjoy being pampered by DH and DS. I have the billy bookcases from ikea hope you are more successful, one has completely collapsed and the other one is being supported by the wall! Have decorated the room but did not dare try and move it so wall different behind it

  2. Praying your recovery is going well. Glad you were able to get your sewing room usable to a degree. Looking good. Oh and have A LOT of machines! =)


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