First stitches in my new space!

Winter is certainly trying to push it's way into our lives all of a sudden! We had a very light dusting of snow Thursday!

I wish I had a newly finished project to photograph in my new back yard whilst the fall leaves are so pretty!

Today I am finally feeling like sewing again after my recent hysterectomy. I am still tired so I'm not doing much but I did pattern test a few blocks for the CRQC BOM quilt I am offering through the quilt club I attend.

This is the Inverse Star block (I think it is a December block):

And this is my purple Pinwheel Star:

It was the first time I had sewn a stitch in my new sewing room :)))))


  1. Oh how fun to be sewing in your new space!! I'm so happy for your guys having your new house!!! Great backyard view!

  2. the back garden is going to be lovely in the summer, I spotted one of the doge in the corner. Great blocks and you are doing so well, I am sure having an epidural helps the recovery rather than a general


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