I use every quilt!

What do you do with your quilts once they are finished?

I give some to charities. I give some as gifts. The remainder i keep and every quilt in my house gets used. I always have a quilt on my lap whilst sitting and watching tv and i wash that one about once a month because i always have a dog on my lap lol.  So whenever i wash a quilt i choose a different one to use for the next month. It's wonderful to use them and fall in love with them again. This photo my husband took on the weekend shows which quilt I'm using at the moment.

Even the quilts that are displayed on quilt racks get used once in a while so they don't get dusty on the rack. So they get used for a month, washed and replaced on the rack.

I am currently planning a quilt that will be hung on my living room wall,  that one will be an exception.

In my house quilts are to be used daily and loved and it makes me happy to curl up under one.

Do you use your quilts or do you like to store/display/keep them as precious items? We are all different and get something different from quilt making it's just interesting to hear or see individuals choices.

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