2016 Goals

As I begin to recover from my recent surgery and moving house, I am beginning to envision a 2016 that will be awesome! 2015 was a year I would rather not repeat due to ill health but next year holds real promise.

So this week I worked on a list of goals for 2016 and created a page on my blog devoted to the goals so I can monitor my progress easily. Click on the 2016 Goals tab above to check it out.
This is the mind map I created to print and hang in my space as a visual reminder:

This was my 2015 list:

  • enjoy my 2015 BOM in progress - ACHIEVED!
  • spend 1 day a week in the sewing room - LOL NOT ACHIEVED
  • continue to sew for the Green Bag Lady Project - NOT ACHIEVED HARDLY DID ANY AT ALL :(
  • In August I will finish my year as quilt club vice president - ACHIEVED!
  • Use my portable vintage sewing machines more often - ACHIEVED USED AT RETREATS EACH TIME!
  • cowboy quilt - NOT DONE
  • VW quilt - NOT DONE
  • VW mini quilt - JUST THE BINDING TO GO
  • Tula Pink lap quilt - NOT QUILTED
  • seasonal dog jackets - NOT DONE
  • eye spy quilts x 2 - NOT DONE
  • quilt 7 scrap quilts - DONE!
  • 9 patch quilt top - NOT DONE
  • Christmas scrap quilt - NOT DONE
  • My headboard cover - BOUGHT A NEW BED INSTEAD LOL
  • quilt faux Amish quilt - NOT DONE
  • Santa Fe inspired quilt top - NOT DONE
  • Design 2016 BOM blocks 7 of 12 done already - DONE
  • Sew all my vintage fabrics into aprons, bags etc for sale in my antique mall booth - PARTIALLY DONE
  • Make at least 6 charity quilts - DONE
  • Try not to buy much fabric except what is needed to finish WIPs and UFOs - OOPS 
  • Paint vintage sewing machine table and mount one of my 400 models in it - NOT DONE
  • Use scraps from overflowing scrap bins - SOMEWHAT DONE, LONG WAY TO GO
  • sew shopping bags from unwanted fabrics in my stash - DONE
  • sew several small mini quilts to decorate my antique mall booth - NOT DONE
Okay so only 3 of my 25 goals for 2015 were achieved, I did have ill health as an excuse. That hopefully will not apply in 2016 so we'll see how I go this coming year!


  1. I love your visual goals! It looks like you are going to be busy this year. Good luck!

  2. Your visual reminder will look good posted in your new studio. It IS going to ba Fabulous New Year....enjoy!!

  3. Love your mind map! Like the old Chinese Proverb says "If you do not change direction, you may end up where you're heading". You seem to be well ready to go forth into 2016!

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