Thursday, 19 November 2015

It's too darned quiet!

I am loving my new sewing space but it is too quiet down there in the sewing room! I used to have a computer in my old sewing room and could listen to music on it or audio books, but it's upstairs in the study now! And after suffering a 6 month long migraine this year that I have finally beaten with the help of several Drs and some preventative medication I am finally able to hear sounds again now without it intensifying a nagging, insistent pain. 

So I went to Target and bought a CD player and some CDs. Here it is sitting on my cutting table:

And this CD I have had for a few years is what I am listening to ATM when I am down there:

Do you like to sew in a quiet space? Or do you listen to books/TV/music?


  1. I love to listen to music, or a book on cd. When I'm knitting I like to watch a movie.

  2. good choice I too enjoy Rod Stewart he has a new CD out too which I am tempted with. I sew in the kitchen and it varies between the portable TV radio and CDs big fan of Chris de Burgh but do not think he is so popular in US