WIP Wednesday

It's been a while since I did a WIP Wednesday post because most of my projects have been UFOs during my prolonged illness. Now my health has improved I have several WIPs and can't wait to show them off in the coming months.

My friend Tami (http://tamichaulk.blogspot.com/) sent me this picture last week on Facebook:

She knows I love to thrift shop and wondered if I ever see these. To answer that question I'd have to say rarely. BUT...

I still have mine that I got as a gift when I was a child or teen!!

And I still use it! I love to do redwork style embroidery and this is the case I use when sewing at home on an embroidery project. I also have two other modern small plastic cases (to take to quilt club sew days when I am too lazy to lug a machine out for a few hours) with embroidery items. This is the embroidery project I am currently working on:

It was a coloring page designed for adults that I found whilst googling and decided I wanted to embroider not color. I found it here:

So I used freezer paper to create printable fabric. How you ask? Google said:

Cut an 8 1/2 x 11-inch piece of freezer paper. Place the fabric right side (to be printed side) down on the ironing surface (see Figure 1). Center the freezer paper, shiny side down, over the fabric (see Figure 1, second picture). Iron on the freezer paper side until it is bonded to the fabric.

It works perfectly, I then just created a Word document with the pic and printed it. I would adjust the image color to be grey rather than black in future though.

I am LOVING how this is turning out. It'll be the centerpiece of a lap quilt by Easter time hopefully!

I also finished a quick Christmas embroidery

 to be the top panel of an apron I will make to display in my antique mall booth for Christmas! Why? Because I only have waist aprons left in my inventory and my dress form in the booth looks half naked!

So yes my love of all things sewy and vintage do overlap! Vintage sewing boxes are awesome but using them to create modern pieces of fabric art is even better!

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