Pattern design a perfect blizzard activity!

We have a storm headed our way with 14" of snow predicted!

So I am hiding inside as much as possible for the next 24hrs until the worst has passed.

I decided to try my hand at a circle of geese style pattern, there are several versions on the internet but none were quite what I wanted so I decided to try to design one myself.  I wanted a paper piecing design I KNEW was easy to make rather than a complex version like some. I wanted it to be almost a color wheel effect with a central star that can be easily paper pieced as well and just a plain narrow border to frame it. So this is what I came up with:

Here's another color scheme:

I think for those who like FMQ all the blank space is a great playground but I will do a very simple stitch in the ditch or something like that. I'm gonna keep playing with the colors, who knows how the final version I make will look!

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