On the bright side!

There is one good thing about having my hysterectomy surgery before I got a chance to properly furnish and set up my sewing room in our new house... I figured out how I want to the room set up and it is different to what I was planning!

Using my space a little bit this week I decided that I want my sewing machine desk and tables in this U shaped format so that I can best utilize the well lit corner of the basement:

Then this corner is where the shelving for fabric/books/notions etc will go:

I also thrifted this awesome cart for $10 That I will respray turquoise and use for storage of notions/fabric or whatever. The huge castors glide well so it will be very movable to whatever part of the room I want it:

We still have a house guest our 24 year old son is visiting from Australia until after Thanksgiving so it'll be early December before I get the sewing room shelving and can begin to finish the set-up but at least I am fine tuning the idea as I go!


  1. Isn't it great how things work out? What a wonderful space to work with, all that gorgeous natural light. Keep up the good work.

  2. I hoe you will not be doing to much re shelving etc you must be careful following your op. It is going to make a wonderful stitching room. Enjoy your time with your boy and thanksgiving too


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