Monday Musings

I have a custom order to begin in the next few weeks. I have only ever made one custom order quilt before because I prefer to have freedom to create what I want than to make what other people want. But when friends ask me to make something special, I can't resist.

The last custom order was this quilt:

It was for a friend's grandchild. She picked the fabric and pattern and I made it.

This next project is also for the grandchild of a friend. This parcel arrived this morning all the way from Hawaii:

It is full of baby clothes:

The request is for them to be turned into a quilt similar to this one she saw on Etsy Baby Clothes Memory Quilt

So it'll be something like this with squares cut from her clothes where it is white in the image:

So as soon as my sewing room is organized this project will become a high priority because I'd love to make one of these. I wish I'd made them from my kids toddler clothes when they outgrew them!

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