Slow studio progress...

My hubby and two of my sons went with me to Ikea to help buy some shelves for my sewing room Friday

It was only a maximum of 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6c) that day so you can see they were a bit chilly loading the car!

They have been put together but aren't fully organized yet.

I need to buy some extra shelves for each unit this week and Ikea was out of stock on the CD towers which I want for fat quarter storage (I had a black one but it is in the home office now) so I will have to wait for them to get more stock. I also want to go to the dollar store and get some more storage baskets. The room is still a mess because I haven't had time to get in there and really organize.

Tomorrow my son who has been visiting for the past month heads home to Australia, then I have to spend most of this week running errands and going to 4 different Drs appointments that I have been putting off all month.

But by Friday hopefully I will be able to schedule some substantial time in there and get it usable again :)

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