The Studio is Progressing...

I finally had a half a day in my sewing room today after a Drs appointment and before the quilt club Christmas party :)

It isn't perfect but definitely usable now! I desperately need to hang up some wall quilts ASAP because the white walls are soooooo boring!!

This is my sewing station, with my Juki serger and sewing machine set up and some extra tabletop space to set up other machines, layout blocks or do other crafts on!

And here I am using that tabletop to list my priorities for this month:

My cutting station with all my WIPs underneath it and priority projects on top:

The Ikea shelves are still a mess, but hopefully I will get to Ikea tomorrow to buy some extra shelves for each unit (and I am waiting for them to get white CD towers in stock)

The ironing board is in the center of the room, hubby will build me a sturdy one with a big board top one of these days:

 And whilst I was organizing I even unpacked my retreat bag and found the scrappy nine patches I made at the last retreat, I have decided to continue making these to use up the 5 medium tubs of scraps I have and many small tubs of scraps too. So I'll try to make one each week and add it to the bowl.

Time for me to go thread my serger now that I have found the tweezers!

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