A Valentine's Inspired UFO finish

I made this heart block about two years ago:

I even quilted it. And then it sat for two years as a UFO!

Until this fine sunny day, i felt like a quick finish.

So i spent about 15 mins turning it into a cushion cover by adding a solid pastel  pink backing.

I also finished a custom childhood memories quilt top for a friend 's grandchild:

And the gift bag I'll put it in which used leftover border scraps trimmed off when i mitered the corners. I always like to make a bag for children's quilts, it's just a nice touch and i imagine the kids using them as library bags or whatever takes their fancy.

And i got 10000 steps in by doing a 2 mile dog walk and a 30 minute strength and cardio workout.

So my 2016 health and fitness goals are finally getting fitted in amongst my other passions. No sewing tomorrow though it's my weekly work day; i volunteer for three hours at a high school for teen mum's, helping in the day care centre in the morning then I restock and tidy up my antique mall booth in the afternoon.

BALANCE is being achieved!  I can't believe it ;-)
How do you balance all your commitments?

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