A Worthy Charity to Inspire Me!

I recently began volunteering at http://www.flocritco.org/ it is a high school and early learning center for teen moms and their young children here in Denver. This has inspired me to make more charity quilts to donate to their Green Garage a place where the mums can acquire clothing and goods for free that their children need.

So I have recently finished several baby/toddler quilt tops:

And started cutting fabric into ready to sew charity quilt kits so I can work on them anytime:

Do you make quilts for a particular charity? If so please feel free to share a link to them in the comments


  1. Oh That Beirenstein Bears on is ADORABLE...but you me and my love of bright colors. I love your charity idea. I can how crating quilts for these young mom's is inspiring. I volunteer my quilting services to our local Project Linus chapter. I drop three off....and come home with six more to quilt. I enjoy adding whisical touches through my quilting. :)

  2. such a worthwhile cause you are supporting here and I am sure the kids will love their quilts. I have just done a wall hanging for a raffle to raise money fr a hospice, it is on my blog but could not work out how to add it

  3. Square baby quilts are always charming. And fast to assemble too. :-) Yours are quite colorful and joyous. Preparing kits ready to be sewn is an excellent idea! Clever!
    Like Val, I also have made baby quilts for the Linus Project (and crocheted baby blankets). Knowing that our work will keep a baby warm is motivating, I find.


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