Word of the year choice.

So many in the blogosphere choose a word of the year, I never have. But this year the word found me, it just popped into my consciousness and didn't recede until I embraced it.

My word is RESILIENCE!

After being chronically ill for most of 2016 I have spent much time pondering making the best of 2016. Life throws at us a never ending list of responsibilities and we try to find joy in the between moments

Today my husband and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary which is astounding to me, where did all that time go?

But regardless of our undying love there were difficult years due to ill health, lack of money, loss of loved ones, etc, etc.

But I am who I am today because of my resilience. That resilience can help me to achieve the things that I strive for because when I fail, I will survive & I will try again.

I haven't shared much detail during 2015 about my battle with ill health on this blog because this is supposed to be a fun place. But here it is in a nutshell: I had a migraine that lasted 6 months. My primary care Dr tried many meds over a 6 week period before referring me to a Neurologist that had a 3 month wait for an appointment. So I tried many treatments in the interim including; diet changes, major dental work etc to no avail. The first prevention drug prescribed to me by my neurologist caused a severe and rare reaction and I ended up having suicidal thoughts and feelings. The love of my family and my resilience helped me endure 9 days of that medication in a desperate attempt to get rid of the brain draining migraine. Eventually I developed a rash from head to toe and halted taking the medication. That is when my neurologist suggested the medication that has kept that migraine at bay. I also underwent a hysterectomy as well, that began to restore my health in new ways. I still have to manage my health daily to avoid headaches/migraines. But I survived one of the hardest years of my life and made it to 2016.

Now I am enjoying my new home, sewing studio, freedom and love. My resilience helped me endure so I could find my bliss again :) If it can do that what else can I achieve if I harness that power within me!

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