I've begun RSC 2016

Snow day! Yay! Time to play with scraps.

The color for January in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge hosted by So Scrappy was announced last week: blue with purple accents.  So i pulled a light grey background and my scraps of blue and purple which weren't plentiful! I printed my Pentagonal Star ten inch block pattern and started the fun. 

I have the sections made and just need to join them but I ran out of time Friday afternoon,  hopefully tomorrow I'll get that done!

I adore this block and wouldn't of put these colors together if it weren't for the challenge!

So if you are drowning in scraps consider joining in the fun.


  1. Yeahhhh but look how great this block is looking!

    1. Yes I can't wait to find out what color next month's challenge has in store for us Val!

  2. Beautiful block! Looking forward to seeing the finished star.

  3. Your block is going to be beautiful when finished.

  4. It is a very impressive block.

  5. Wow!! That's SOME block you've got going there!! I often wish that I enjoyed paper piecing more... sigh.

  6. That will be an impressive block when it's assembled. Great start for your new year of quilting!

  7. What a beautiful block, the colour choices are beautiful too


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