Friday, 8 January 2016

A small finish!

I haven't finished any quilts yet this year but this is my 2nd cushion cover!

We only have 4 of these Ikea armchairs in our living area at the moment, but we're planning to get a new corner leather sofa when hubby gets his annual bonus in March. So I want to make sure I have plenty of cushion covers by then to change out whenever I feel like a fresh look.

I picked a neutral beige background fabric then did wavy lines quilting across the background fabric using a variegated brown and beige thread and then appliqued on the foundation paper pieced circle, once it was secure I appliqued the hand pieced hexies on top of the center hole in the circle.

As you can see it was a gloomy day here in Denver, perfect for sewing! The snow did ease up for just a little while so I could get these pics though thankfully.

I want to make about three or more cushion covers for each color theme, so I will make more plaid cushions using different patterns so they 'match but don't match'.

I love the mix of a modern inspired FPP circle and traditional hand pieced hexagons and then applique. For a simple cushion it actually uses quite a few techniques!

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  1. cushions very nice and will brighten up the dullest day. Snow looks cold! here it is still mild but have been warned the cold is on its way!