Out from the dungeon

Once in a while I have to come out of  my basement sewing studio and go out into the world. But being home cutting and sewing is never far from my mind. Yesterday I had a Drs appt and it was near my favorite Denver quilt shop, So of course I bought fabric. Then I had to go to Joann to get some frames and a very specific fabric for a custom baby quilt I need to make on Friday. Today I have another Dr appt so I will go and restock my antique mall booth after that. What all this means is that for two days straight I have NOT  had the time to cut or sew  anything!!!!!

So if I have snippets of time I sit at my computer and tinker with pattern designs. I designed this block recently and was tinkering with the colors this morning before leaving the house.

This is inspired by the basic pentagon like last weeks block but is easier to make because it is made in only 10 sections instead of 15 and there is no Y seam to join it, so less confident sewists can make it.


  1. Which is your favorite quilt shop in Denver? I usually get over there once or twice a year and always wonder where to go.

  2. It is so nice to see that you are creating your own patterns. I love this one above! So pretty!


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