2016 UFO Challenge

I had many goals for this year, one of which was to finish old UFOs to make space for new ones, so joining this challenge seemed like a good idea:


 So I printed the list page and dug through my WIP tubs to see what was in there:

The number chosen for this month was announced last week and is number two! So I began to work on my Santa Fe inspired quilt. These fabrics are some of the last ones I have left over from my Craigslist scrap buy so I will be pleased to use them up because that was June 2013! All that was in the tub was a ton of fabric I thought would go well together in a South West style quilt and a printed image of Kokopelli because I wanted to applique him. I really don't love SW style prints so this quilt will probably be a charity quilt. So I was thinking it had to be quick, best use the large prints and be lap sized for a nursing home patient.

This is it finished after just two or three hours:

I had some suitable backing fabric left to set aside with it until I find time to quilt it.

I am sooooo pleased it is finally a quilt top. That WIP tub was however not empty for long because whilst looking for hidden WIPs I found twelve improv pieced scrappy blocks that were left over from this quilt:

Here's the post about it from October 2013: http://adventurousquilter.blogspot.com/2013/10/a-finish-finally.html so I put them in the empty WIP tub to make another scrappy improv pieced quilt this year as well! The last quilt used 39 x 12" blocks (24 on the back without sashing and 15 on the front with sashing)

What did I do with the scrappy leftovers from this quilt? I made two improv pieced blocks to add to the tub!!! So the tub now has 14 blocks in it, just 25 to go!

I also made three sets of reusable shopping bag handles for the  Green Bag Lady Project:

And I still had a piece about the size of a fat quarter to set aside in my fat quarter drawers for future projects.

I rose to meet the January challenge and it is very cleansing! Are you working on UFOs this year? If so consider joining the challenge it's a great way to feel a sense of accomplishment and share it with quilty friends!


  1. You are simply amazingly creative. The SW quilt is great! And so are all the ways you use up the rest of the fabric. I'm impressed!

  2. Nice finish with that kokopelli quilt. Congratulations on crossing that ufo off your list.


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