Rainbow Scrap Challenge February Goal Finished

I'm a bit behind on my Rainbow scrap challenge tasks or I was until I finally tackled the brown scraps on Wednesday afternoon.

I make one Pentagonal Star block each month in the designated color then I sew scrappy improv blocks to use up the rest of that colors scraps. I've finally finished that task for the February colors with these 4 brown blocks:

One block got added to the blue, green and pink improv blocks I had previously made for a future quilt, I'll decide what sashing color to use once the RSC is complete and all colors have been revealed.

The three remaining blocks are going in another scrap quilt, that I have now made 27 blocks for. It'll be similar to this quilt I made a couple of years ago:

But the new one will have berry colored sashing. I need 39 blocks altogether, I'm getting there!

The only brown scraps I had left were a few strips to add to my scrappy strips tub, and pieces large enough to cut some 2.5" squares from for a 9 patch quilt I am slowly making:

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