An Adventurous House

I've had two sew days this week!!! Yahoo, life has been so hectic lately so that feels like real freedom. I'm even managing to work my health and fitness goals into the week and still find creative time :)))

I've had the idea to make a 16.5" house block to go with my Adventurous Stars BOM test blocks to individualize my quilt. Today I finally found the time so here is my house block:

I embroidered the word home with hearts either side of it on the front of the house:

It looks good when I put it next to the stars I have made so far, my next task will be to add the grey sashing that I have planned:


  1. Yes, looks really great! I like it.

  2. lovely house would be happy to live in it

  3. Looking good Marianne! That is sure to be a real cute one.


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