Rainbow Scrap Challenge so far

This year I am doing the Rainbow Scrap Challenge

It's a great motivator for me and I have made good progress.

Each month I make one Pentagonal Star block using scraps in the designated color (and a grey background fabric)

Then I make scrappy improv blocks to empty that colors scrap basket.

I got a little behind last month though so the scrappy improv pink and brown blocks had not been done. But that's okay because I didn't have many purple scraps left after making my star so I just added them in with the pinks, so that gives me a chance to catch up on last months colors.

So yesterday I tackled the pink scrap basket, I made 7 scrappy twelve inch improv pieced blocks.

One of these improv blocks will go in a multicolored scrap quilt I am making that uses one block of each designated color throughout the year. The other six I will use to make a scrappy baby quilt with just a simple pink sashing and border. 

It is great to be decluttering my sewing space this year! 

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