Block 93

I designed block 93 for my Adventurously Epic Sampler this week.

I have also decided on a color palette for my pattern test blocks! 

I am making this an oversized king quilt for my bed eventually so I chose colors that will suit my master bedroom decor. I've chosen Kona black for the background fabric. Then I have a variety of beiges and a variety of teals, aquas and turquoises in batiks for the highlight color, I may add purples and/or greens to the batik mix if I see one I like. I'll share a pic of what fabrics I have chosen so far as soon as I find time to photograph them!


  1. I like that block and the colors sound lovely; I think the purple and greens will certainly add the right sparkle.

  2. Sounds like it'll be gorgeous.

  3. soinds good to me I do like quilt swith black in much prefer to a light fabric


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