RSC and UFO Challenges

OMG I knew I was bad at challenges but I totally skipped April for both So Scrappy's Rainbow Scrap Challenge and APQs UFO Challenge!

So Here's what I plan to do!

RSC 2016
I am combining April and May scrap colors orange and green into one block so I can catch up quickly. Here is the digital image:

Obviously it'll be a lot more scrappy once I make the real thing!

These are the scraps I have found:

Some of the green I got straight into cutting two inch squares from for my latest scrap quilt WIP.

APQ UFO Challenge

This was my list:

So in April I should've made progress on an Eye Spy quilt. I have done 9 rows so far and want it to be 18 rows so it is half done and could be finished in just a few hours.

And in May I should be working on Vintage Star Blocks.

 I can't imagine I'll get time for both this month but I'll try to at least dig them from the depths of UFO oblivion and imagine what to do next! Maybe a just a star cushion cover...


  1. You've been busy! All your projects are so great!

    1. Thanks Rozy Lass I just find it hard to focus on one project atm but hopefully I am headed in the right direction with my decluttering and finishing of projects atm


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