Favorite Flimsy

I finished about  15 quick quilt tops last week and this one is one of my absolute favorites, it;s so fun, with sewing fabrics & bright and dark colors contrasting well. I didn't use a pattern, I just had fun creating this as I went. I started it about 18 months ago.


  1. I almost had a heart attack when I read you finished 15 tops in a week and then luckily you mentioned having started this one 15 months ago. I just wondered, so when does she eat, sleep, live. Love the bright colours.

  2. This is gorgeous with the contrast! How are you planning to quilt it?

    1. My FMQ skills are limited because I enjoy piecing more, so it'll just get an all over meandering probably or meandering loops.

  3. I see some of my favorite Annela Holey fabric! (Hope I spelled her name correctly) What a great sewing week for you!! I can't wait for mine to begin!


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