When Inspiration Strikes...

 In Hamilton Missouri on the weekend in a quilt shop I saw this quilt with a scrappy center.

 Today I made my own version.

It's a quick easy project, I completed the whole thing in one day.


  1. You are amazing! I wish I could spend a day with you to see how you do it. Wonderful quilt.

    1. Come visit anytime :) I love sewing with quilty friends and meeting blogging buddies!

  2. Beautiful quilt! did you quilt and bind in that same 24 hours? If so I want to come and spend a long weekend with you. I always wanted to go to Hamilton (MSQS?) and then we can quilt the rest of the time unless there are good thrift store there too. (happy face+wink) We can invite Roz too.(big happyface)
    Any replies go to robinsbusiness@hot mail.com.

    1. Yes I quilted and bound in the same 24hrs. I machine bind. I'd love to sew with both of you ladies any time you are in Colorado :)


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