Why, oh why?

When we moved into our home in October 2015 I got this 8 seat outdoor table out of storage and started basting quilts on it outside on the deck. I love it, the fresh air, the sunshine, no messy gluey overspray indoors.

But it took me until recently to get around to spending $4.99 at Walmart on some risers so it was a better height for me!!!!

Why, oh why does it take so long to do the simple things that make our life easier sometimes!!!  I basted 12 quilts yesterday and no backache today. Previously I could only do 2 or 3 and ended up with a backache!


  1. I have risers on my cutting table--they are the only way to go!

    1. Yes I have had them under my cutting since my first year quilting. That's why it's ludicrous it too me so long to buy a set for this lol

  2. Speaking or ludicrous, read your post and realised I have a 2 x 2 meter marble top table outside the kitchen. We sit there daily and I never thought of using that to sandwich my quilts. All these years I worked either on the floor or would go to the garage, move the car out, set up metal tables (that I always have to clean first)and I have a huge table right under my nose. Thanks for your post, so we learn!

    1. LOL Hettie I love that! This one was in storage for three years whilst we loved in an apartment when we first emigrated to the USA and I am so glad we kept it all that time 😍


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