Scrappy Tumbler Quilt Finish

About two years ago I made about seven scrappy tumbler quilt tops, there was only one left to quilt because I didn't love the sage green colors in this one. But it finally got quilted and bound today!

I disliked it so much I didn't want to waste good backing fabric on it, so I pulled out this scrappy backing I made a couple of years ago and just added a couple of rows to make it big enough.

But now that it's got the scrappy backing I kinda love this finish!

But truth be told I still love the back more than the front LOL 

It was the largest quilt (82" x 47") in my to be quilted pile 😍 so just eleven easier to quilt lap size quilts to go.


  1. I LOVE your green and blue colors, not so much the back. If you want to get rid of the blue/green let me know. :)

    1. Yes I understand that the scrappy nature of this backing isn't to everyone's liking but I adore the old fashioned scrappy messy style. Scrap quilts have a different purpose to me they are the ones I want to snuggle up under when I'm sick not the ones I want to hang on walls or put on beds. I like to be surrounded by both beautiful and messy quilts to suit my varying moods and my personal sense of style.

  2. Both sides are wonderful! It's a split personality quilt, very attractive to me. You do great work.

    1. I love that! My personal quilting style is exactly that split personality style LOL. I love the perfection of paper piecing and the disarray of the messy Scrappy style! 🤣


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