Lady of the Lake update

I am determined to not create UFOs anymore now that I have almost caught up and finished mine.
( 3 to go, I'll share about them next week hopefully )


Progress on my Lady of the Lake Fat Quarter Shop Quilt-a-long quilt is happening swiftly! The quilt-a-long only required us to make one block but I wanted to make a quilt top once I saw my first block completed.

Yesterday I got all 4 blocks I had planned made so I could proceed with my plan.

This is my cute little car a yellow Audi TT

I'd been meaning to make a yellow lap/picnic quilt for the trunk ever since I got this car last year but it kept slipping down my to-do list until yesterday!

So I put my 4 blocks together then added some floral yellow triangles cut from my stash to make them on point

I am LOVING this so far and that Lady of the Lake block was sooo easy to make! I think it just needs borders now and it will be ready to quilt!


  1. Yellow is my favorite color and that quilt is just gorgeous! So bright and cheerful. Love the car color too.

    1. Thanks I'm loving the cheery yellows too. I see more yellow quilts in my future 😍

  2. That was a quick finish. You traded you bug! Yellow is happy.

    1. Yes I traded the bug after early 2016s very deep snow, I really needed AWD after we moved into our house in outer suburbia. But the cute Audi is terrific and AWD hubby calls it my expensive bug LoL


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