Reached my summer goal

My main goal this summer was to finish a ton of charity quilt tops I had started in the last year or two whilst on summer break from my job as an educator.

I found three quilts in closets too that i had finished last year but not gotten around to donating. 

And I finished 14 charity quilts this summer. So all together I had 17 quilts to donate to Florence Crittenton Services for teen parents.

This jumbo box of quilts barely fitted in the trunk of my car.

I would love to do this every summer to use up scraps and the multitude of novelty print fabrics I have! It might not always be 17 quilts though!

I can now look forward to starting my new job Thursday knowing my summer was well spent.


  1. Fabulous! And I'm sure the recipients will be super thankful too.

  2. Congrats on such a generous finish to your summer.


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