A Good Reason

For about two years now I have avoided quilt club gatherings. Why!?

Many reasons but mostly because I find the online quilty community more supportive.

Here's a run down of a real life incident recently that will better explain:

Warning my anger is evident and cuss words used during my anger rant!

So comment and share "quilt police" or "quilt snob" comments you've overheard or been subjected to that are just unnecessary and rude! Let's decide here and now what's acceptable behavior in our quilty community online or in real life!

These negative people and their unnecessary comments do a disservice to the quilty community by deterring quilters from being different and by failing to accept that quilters exist on a continuum from bold and artistic to pattern follower and safe choice maker, all are okay expressing creativity their own way, we are not all the same, life would be boring if we were!