Plus Sign Nine Patch - Days 21 to 29 AYQC

Days 21 to 29 of my A Year of Quilty Challenges encourages quilters to start a Plus Sign Nine Patch scrap quilt.
So here are some example images to inspire you:

Make four blocks in each of the 9 colors nominated in the book

Or if you wanted to make more blocks you can do diagonal rows this layout looks great:

It requires you make 7 blocks of seven different colors/shades

To make the original 36 block version with four of each color block here is a quick How-to

You will need to cut a 144 white squares. I cut mine to 2.5" square.

Pull  20 squares from your scrap hoard for each of the 9 colors

Block layout:

Stitch into a nine patch block:

Make 4 red plus signs
Make 4 orange
etc, etc, etc for all nine colors

Sashing is cut to 1.5" wide
Sashing cornerstones are cut to 1.5" x 1.5" wide
Inner border is cut to 1.5" wide
Add outer borders as desired. The FPP pattern for this border layout will be available soon as a free download. Follow my blog (email sign up is in blog sidebar) for updates.