Total Immersion

Hubby is out of town on a business trip. So I have spent the last two days in my studio ALL day and I've achieved heaps organizationally!

I'm slowly clearing the clutter and making my space the happy place it should be, not the stressful one it has been!

And I'll be in there all day again today!

I made these scrappy nine patches yesterday in my Winter QQA scrap Satisfaction colors! (QQA is my quarterly E-zine, issue release is February 1 if you are on my mailing list)

I also made a quick  Christmas table runner with my 1" nine patch at it's center. (That's squares cut to 1" which is tiny piecing)

I cut all the yellow fabric I wanted to destash into tumblers. The fabric was mostly leftover from previous projects.

Then I sewed them into a scrappy quilt top.

I started to make my "favorite solids" swatch cards! This has been on my goal list for ages! But this post

Made me move it to the top of my list! 
How cute is this idea! 

 And my Maltipoo Ebony has visited me several times each day, which is fabulous because she has had a sore leg for over a month and hadn't been able to manage the steps down to the basement, but she's obviously improving 👌💗

It's so great to have a few days to re-center myself and work on my major goal of studio organization - one project at a time to clear the clutter!