First Friday Frustrations

This year I'm getting honest.
I'm bucking the trend of perfect perceptions our industry perpetuates with all the flawless  pictures of quilts and the quilting process.
So grab a cuppa and let's discuss something frustrating in the quilt industry:
Today I'm going to share a pet peeve!
I get occasional emails from quilters who have downloaded one of my free patterns that say:
"In most other patterns___________" 
Let's be clear there is no error or problem they just wish I did something differently!
I don't actually care how other designers draft their documents! If you don't like my pattern writing style go download someone else's free pattern. The pattern is free downloaders don't get to expect it to be anything! They get to receive it with grace and gratitude!
Look at this picture:
I am a human being exploring my own creativity and sharing it when I can, I am NOT some bot behind a screen that is here to please everyone. This is a hobby, it isn't even profitable if you consider the costs of fabric etc to pattern test!
It's funny how many quilters feel email and direct messaging are appropriate forums ONLY to be used to complain. If you open a gift on your birthday, do you usually tell the giver " I wish it was _______!" No because that is rude. I get so many poorly veiled complaints that they outweigh the thank yous sometimes. And it's not because of mistakes in the pattern, it's just because the recipient wishes the pattern was slightly different somehow.

It's impossible to have a writing style that suits everyone. If a person has never drafted a pattern and then published it they cannot possibly imagine how complex the task is!  Therefore they really shouldn't be giving advice on how it should be done!
So 2020 is getting real. This post is not about me complaining it's about setting my own limits for what behavior I will permit to be directed towards me from my followers. I will not be blamed for not meeting other people's perceptions or expectations of me.
We can all choose to be respectful and enjoy sharing the craft!
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