Triangles are Terrific!

I've been working on two triangle baby quilts for the twins of a friend that are due in March.
The design has lots of areas where the triangles are grouped together in blocks.
I didn't want to unnecessarily piece all those triangles so I devised a simple method to help me piece the quilt in rows using strips as much as possible! 
I cut paper equilateral triangles from a 4.5" strip. The 30 degree line on my ruler helped with that! Then I literally sewed them together to create strip cutting templates.
So I made one template for every length or section I needed.
I even had a template for the half triangles at the edges.
 I then cut the fabric in strips the right width so that these templates were only needed to determine the length and angle to cut.
It's easy to do and the templates created can be reused! So I have already made two quilts using them and I'm planning a third.
It's a great cheat method to speed up piecing triangle quilts. 
It worked like a charm! 💗👌