Twin Baby Quilts

A friend I used to work with has asked me to make two baby quilts for her twins that are due next month!
She liked Kate Colleran's Mountain Joy quilt pattern which you can buy here:
Mountain Joy Pattern
So I bought her pattern for inspiration but decided I needed a different size so I will piece it in simple rows based on a 4.5" wide equilateral triangle and add a simple border.
This is the array of fabrics the babies' momma chose! Delightful huh!
Today I began cutting triangles and strips (to minimize the piecing effort)
 It's coming together well!
I created a couple of color layouts in EQ8 to try to help the baby momma envision her color choices and to help me with some of the quilty math needed to make the quilt the size she needed. What great choices she made with fabrics these layouts look great:
Cooper's quilt

Ellie's quilt
Stay tuned for more progress, these two quilts are my current highest priority projects!